Free yukata service, free table tennis, anime books and kids corner
In addition, for groups and groups of about 10 people or more, transfer to nearby prefectures is also possible (For details, contact us).

The convention hall "Hishou"

The convention hall "Hishou" with a stage and can hold 300 people.
Various conferences and presentations such as lectures, symposiums, conferences, exhibitions, shows,
You can use it for various events.
Meals will be prepared according to your budget. Please contact us.

Large banquet hall "Hoden"

220 tatami mats
At the banquet hall with a relaxed Japanese atmosphere, various year-end parties, new year parties, comfort parties etc.
It can be used for various meetings. In addition, there is a banquet hall with a size of 40 to 50 tatami mats according to the number of people, so it is possible to accommodate small groups.

The Grape and Grain at Nene

With a wide variety of wines, whiskies and other spirits from around the World the Grape and Grain is a great Apres Ski option for people looking to relax after a big day on the slopes.

Business hours PM4-PM10

Shopping corner

The shopping corner offers a wide variety of souvenirs, such as Niigata's famous confections and processed marine products.
Please contact us for home delivery etc.
We also sell beer and snacks. Please drop in.

Game corner

A fun game corner where you can enjoy various amusements such as popular crane games, air hockey, and drum masters.
There are also free table tennis for couples and groups.
Customers with children can also enjoy.

Table Tennis ≪Free≫

Large public bath & open-air bath with view

The hotel's proud large public bath and open-air open-air bath.
Akakura Hot spring coming from Myoko mountain.It is a very effecting hot spring that combines sulfate and bicarbonate spring qualities.

Ideal for winter skiing and trekking, green season trekking and bathing after golf.

Free yukata service

Kids corner

Children can play.
Please feel free to use while taking a bath in a large public bath.
* When using, please be sure to be accompanied by a guardian.

relaxation salon

* Winter only
The tiredness of skiing and trekking is refreshing at the relaxation salon. Relax your body with the synergy with hot springs.
Professional staff provide a space where you can relax both physically and mentally.

Relax Space (Manga, Kids Corner, etc.)

You can watch magazines and paperback books for free, a kids space where children can play while taking a bath, etc.
We have public spaces everywhere. Please relax as a place to come.
(Please be sure to be present when using Kids Space)

Rental shop

It's OK if you don't have anything
Various rental shops such as skiing and snowboarding are available at the hotel.

We have a wide variety of supplies from the latest model to reasonable entry models.
It's OK if you don't have anything♪
Please drop in if you have trouble with equipment.
[Business hours] From AM8:00 to PM6:00