Healing time at Akakura’s famous spa.

Akakura Hot spring coming from Myoko mountain that is hundred mountains of japan.It is a very precious hot spring that combines sulfate and bicarbonate spring qualities.
Obviously it's effective for "general indications" common to hot springs such as neuralgia, rheumatism, stiff shoulders, back pain, and recovery from fatigue,but reputation for creating beautiful skin and healing wounds as unique indications for hot spring qualities.

At the foot of Myoko mountain that is hundred mountains of japan.
Enjoy the superb view from the window and famous hot spring of Akakura Onsen.

※The sauna is open from 14:00 to 22:00, and the open-air bath is open until 22:00.

Spring quality Sulfate / Bicarbonate

General indications

General effects as a hot spring
Neuralgia, muscle pain, joint pain, fifty shoulders, recovery period after disease, bruise, sprain, chronic fire extinguisher disease Hemorrhoids, chilliness, joint stiffness, motor paralysis, fatigue recovery, health promotion
Izumi quality indications.

The special effects of this hot spring
Rash, shin, cut, burn, chronic skin disease, beautiful skin effect, arteriosclerosis.

《Information for day trip hot springs (charges)》

・ Bath with bath towel… 1,100 yen (Child 880 yen)
・ With yukata + bath towel in hall… 1,650 yen
・ Indoor yukata + bath towel + towel set… 1,980 yen
(You can relax in the hall freely.)
* The open-air bath may be closed depending on the season.

Relaxation salon "Yumeyuzu"

The tiredness of skiing and trekking is refreshing at the relaxation salon Yumeyuzu. Relax your body with the synergy with hot springs.
Professional staff provide a space where you can relax both physically and mentally.

Relaxation Salon Yumeyuzu
* Winter only
* Please make a reservation at the front desk.
■Operating HoursPM3: 00〜10: 00
■LocationIn front of the large public bath on the second floor
□ Body massage * Excluding tax
Course to relax and relax the whole body
・・・¥ 4,500 (40 minutes)
A course to relax the head, eyes and whole body slowly
・・・¥ 6,500 (60 minutes)
□ Reflexology * Excluding tax
* We use botanical oil.
To the soles and calves below the knees
・・・6,000 yen (50 minutes)